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May 25, 2010 Video: Methuselah’s Last (read at PPR #16) Posted In: Writing

I have to mention the startling comparison between listening to a writer at PPR and the Sydney Writers’ Festival. There is a politeness to the SWF, sure, but PPR is not impolite – far from it. At Penguin Plays Rough, stories receive cheers and applause – it’s a VERY accepting crowd. There is an energy to language which doesn’t have to be resigned to beat/slam poetry. Sometimes we all just need to hear a good story.

So I did my small part to farewell Penguin Plays Rough from their current address. The lovely organisers have promised it will be live again next month in a new warehouse venue, so you haven’t missed your chance entirely.

This photo by Lucy Parakhina sums up the vibe of PPR, and this is BEFORE the masses descended upon the carpet.


Very laid back.


If you were unable to come down to see me read this story at PPR, here is a video version, shot by my friend Marianna on my iPhone. Quality is not top notch but it’s definitely audible…

Make SURE you check out the Penguin Plays Rough events to follow, it was truly a wonderful night.

PPR – Methuselah’s Last (Story Reading) from Sam Webster on Vimeo.

19th of May, 2010.

Photos by Lucy Parakhina

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