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May 27, 2010 Youth Week Finalist again! Posted In: Blog

This is my fourth time being shortlisted for the National Youth Week Talent Competitions. I won the first year I entered (writing), and was a finalist the second (photography) and third (writing) times. Help me reverse the trend and win my final entry while I’m still technically ‘youth’ by voting for my film, LAPSE.

Just click here, select my name and cast your vote (my name is right up the top!) and then PLEASE, tell your friends to do the same.
The panel will be deciding the industry award over the next two weeks, and the remainder will be judged based on votes for People’s Choice. I borrowed a camera to shoot the film I entered and ever since I have been going crazy writing short films, but I don’t own the equipment. If I win either of these awards, I will be able to make short films all day long!

Help me out and vote, before June 6th. I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes.

You can watch the video on my website by clicking here.

For info about my previous entries, see this article by the Hornsby Advocate.


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