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July 22, 2013 Photo Blog: 4th of July at Il Fontanaro. Posted In: Photography

I like a lot of places in Italy – and find myself recommending them to friends and weary travellers alike – but the place I am happiest is Il Fontanaro, an Umbrian agriturismo owned by my dear friends Alina and Lucia Pinelli… They invited me to travel down from Tuscany a few weeks ago for their 4th of July party (like all good Italians – any excuse for a festival)…

Here are a few pics I took while enjoying the festivities…

_WIT1738 _WIT1745 _WIT1749 _WIT1751 _WIT1759 _WIT1767 _WIT1783 _WIT1813
_WIT1856 _WIT1864 _WIT1875 swing-web

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  1. Tiana Kai Madera • July 22, 2013


  2. Nicolas Demarest • July 22, 2013

    Looks great!

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