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April 25, 2014 Lest We Forget Posted In: Blog

November 2013


Today, I hope we all take some time to focus on those who returned with empty hearts, and those who did nOt return at all. I hope we remember those who we lost at war, and those who felt lost when they returned.

I hope we remember the proud who held their heads high because they did what they thought was necessary for the good of the nation, and do our best to distinguish between those who fought, and those in power who picked the fight.

I hope we honour the dead by living, and praise not what they did, but the dedication with which they felt bound to do it.

Finally, I hope we realise that “Lest We Forget” is not an antiquated way to say “never forget” but a way to acknowledge the idealogical dangers of forgetting the horrors of yesteryear.

As we venture forward, led into interventionist wars by men who think not of the weapons in the hands of ordinary men, I say Lest We Forget the tragedy, we must honour the fallen. Lest we forget the loss, we must prevent the violent pursuit of self-serving war. Lest we forget the sacrifice of our forefathers, we must put an end to the unnecessary sacrifice of our contemporaries.

I hope we find peace in our hearts for those who are missing from our sight, and peace in our world from those who hypocritically claim to honour the dead while adding to their number.

Lest we forget.


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