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May 4, 2014 Ashleigh Auckland: “Little Hell” by City and Colour Posted In: Film, Music

April 2014, Pieve Santo Stefano, Arezzo.

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One of the blessings of living in Tuscany is being able to play host to all my friends from around the world. Not only do they get to experience a little slice of my life here, but they see beauty which is truly unique to the region.

Last week, my friend and singer/songwriter Ashleigh Auckland stayed in my Tuscan apartment, and one of the ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences was to record and film this cover of City and Colour’s “Little Hell”. We borrowed a guitar, recorded at my house and filmed near my house at once of my favourite places,  The Temple of Saint Maria of the Colledestro.

‘Il Tempietto di Santa Maria del Colledestro’ is a little 18th century church built on the place where there used to be a pagan temple. The temple was situated there, above a small river which flows into the Tiber and was said to be built in honour of the river and its nymphs.

For me, this video also stands as a testament to the potential of art in the region. It is possible, even in a town of only 3000 people, to create high-quality work. Admittedly, this is a very small project, but it is an example of the way we can work, in the modern age and using modern technology, to revive the spirit of artistry that Tuscany is famous for, even in a period of financial crisis.

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