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August 27, 2014 Behind the Scenes: ‘Solo un’ombra’ Posted In: Blog

Short film / August 2014 / featuring Silvia Lorenzo

I’ve just wrapped up a short film (just over 5 minutes) with a wonderful Italian actress from Torino, Silvia Lorenzo. What that means is that I have this immediate urge to post it, to show it, to have it seen. But as this film was created specifically for certain film festivals and courses, we’re keeping it secret for a little while longer.

In lieu of an actual vision into the film, here are some screenshots from the film, and one behind the scenes shot… and three facts:

1. The text the film is based on is biographical in nature, written by a woman who does not bear resemblance or have a lot in common with Silvia herself. In that sense, it is a re-imagining of character from a preexisting text.
2. The entire film was shot in two days, with a crew of two and a cast of one.
3. The entire soundscape, including the music, was composed using only¬†Silvia’s voice.



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