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December 16, 2014 News: Competition Finalist + Exhibition Posted In: Blog, Press/Media

Sport - Samuel Webster - Florentine Football in Tuscany (6)Hey guys, I’m not known for blogging casually, so let’s:
1) understand it must be important, and
2) not expect that I’m going to write again tomorrow.

Most of you might know that three photos of mine, alongside about 200 others, were selected as finalists for the Pedestrian.Tv Photo of the Year Awards. Pretty cool to happen while i’m over in Italy, and thanks to everyone who voted for me (25% of the final vote is based on popularity, the other 75% is technical).

This week, I was asked to send my photo for exhibition at the Dominik Mersch Gallery in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney as it was shortlisted for the award. Cool cool cool. The photo will be on display for the announcement of this year’s winner, and is potentially at risk of being showered in champagne… Nevertheless, pretty cool.

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