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April 28, 2015 Inside Rafael Bonachela’s Frame of Mind Posted In: Blog

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Working with Rafael Bonachela​ on the drammaturgy of Sydney Dance Company‘s Frame of Mind was a continuation of a process I am always happy to be engaged with, considering and processing Rafael’s choreographic impulse and finding words and ideas with which to help him expand and structure it. Dance is a complex medium and so the road between idea and physicality can be a difficult one to travel, but Rafael is very dedicated to that journey and I have been pleased whenever he has asked me to come along. It is clear that he is an amazing choreographer by the physical works he creates, but I would like to say that there is also a lot of thought and contemplation behind each of his works.

It’s so amazing to see some of the ideas we discussed – on the telephone between Sydney and Tuscany – come together in this stunning film by Peter Greig.

The words in the narration sums up so much of how I see dance as an artform – please take a look and go and book tickets to the show if you’re in Canberra or Melbourne in the next little while.


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