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May 4, 2023 From the archive: By your powers combined… (2006) Posted In: Blog

Somewhere in the politically correct cartoon world of 1990’s America, five college kids stand in a circle, their faces tight with worry. Their thumbs are nervously twisting rings adorned with what could be an opal or a piece of green plastic; they eye each other off. They all thought this planet saving game was over last week and had retired to their culture-centric ghettos thinking they could rest easy for a few years. But no, oil had been dumped somewhere, a whale had spat up a plastic bag and the turtles were complaining about the superannuation shortage. It was time for the Planeteers to spring back into action.

Kwame, Wheeler, Linka and Gi are ready, they’ve got that Uncle Sam determined look like they could be president one day if it weren’t for the fact that no-one needs greenies in government, and their names are way too hard to remember.
“Earth,” comes the first cry, ironic that the black member was given land as his power.

There is a small pause and Ma-ti looks up towards the group and sighs. “Heart.” It seems a shame that his given power is a pun on his disheartened demeanour. Then, from out of nowhere appears what could be an American super-trooper or a heavily mutated celery stalk. “By your powers combined…”

“Yeah yeah we know Cap’n Planet, we know.”


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