Photography: In the studio with Keith and the Girl

I had the great privilege of meeting Keith Malley and Chemda of Keith and the Girl last time I was in New York. So, to celebrate their thirteen years of podcasting (and the 12 and a half years I’ve listened to them five times a week), here are some photos in the studio during the recording of two episodes.

‘Ofelia’ nel programma di Premio Pieve 2016!

Sono orgoglioso – a nome mio e della curatrice Mariantonietta Anania – di annunciare che il nostro progetto Ofelia voleva soltanto nuotare da settembre farà parte del prestigioso Premio Pieve Saverio Tutino 2016 dell’Archivio Diaristico Nazionale.

Inside Rafael Bonachela’s Frame of Mind

Working with Rafael Bonachela​ on the drammaturgy of Sydney Dance Company‘s Frame of Mind was a continuation of a process I am always happy to be engaged with, considering and processing Rafael’s choreographic impulse and finding words and ideas with which...

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