Winter in Valdazze

Valdazze is a ‘frazione’ (hamlet) of Pieve Santo Stefano, Arezzo. The town was created in the 1970s to house famous Italian singers, but soon fell into disuse… Now there are very few inhabitants, but it still stands as a beautiful Tuscan escape. A...

Blog: A Simple Thought About Art

The artistic process, for me, is like the foreigner who arrives and points out something obvious you’ve been doing your whole life and never questioned – and from that moment on, you can’t help but notice it.

Film: ‘Mica una cosa piccola’

Those of you that have been following my Tuscan journey in these past few years will have seen that I have formed a strong connection to one particular place, at the bottom of the Tiber valley.

Behind the Scenes: ‘Solo un’ombra’

I’ve just wrapped up a short film (just over 5 minutes) with a wonderful Italian actress from Torino, Silvia Lorenzo. What that means is that I have this immediate urge to post it, to show it, to have it seen. But as this film was created specifically for certain film festivals and courses, we’re keeping it secret for a little while longer.

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