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Mimesi1-webMimesi, the developing project by Silvia Bastianelli and Samuel Webster is a physical exploration between three principal components: the self, the persona and ‘the other’. It is the expression of two internal states, filtered through an external perspective. The creative process, therefore, is the meeting of two artists at the point in which their experiences meet and come together – making art from intimate interactions between particular artists, instead of from a story pre-written and already closed.  Entering into the single experiences of both artists, the final work will reflect, replicate and explore their emotional and psychological experiences as they evolve consciously and socially.

“Dance unites us in a magnificent project. Working with Samuel in a direct relationship is immediately interesting – his ideas are always intelligent and his mood always cheerful; in working with Samuel, the artistic growth is continuous. When he works, the process is affected by his seriousness and surprised by his brilliant artistic intuition.”
Silvia Bastianelli

Mimesi, Il progetto in sviluppo di Silvia Bastianelli e Samuel Webster è un’esplorazione attraverso tre componenti principali: il sé, la persona e “l’altro”. È l’espressione di due stati interni, filtrati attraverso la prospettiva dell’esterno. Il processo creativo, dunque, è l’incontro di due artisti nei punti in cui le loro esperienze si confrontano e si completano a vicenda – creando arte dall’intima interazione tra artisti particolari, invece che da una storia prescritta e già chiusa. Entrando nelle singole esperienze di entrambi gli artisti, il lavoro finale rifletterà, replicherà e esplorerà le loro esperienze emotive e psicologiche mentre si svolgono consapevolmente e socialmente.

“La danza ci unisce in un magnifico progetto. Lavorare con Samuel in un rapporto diretto é subito interessante le sue idee sempre intelligenti e il suo umore sempre allegro; nel lavoro con Samuel, la crescita artistica è continua. Quando Webster lavora si è contagiati dalla sua serietà e sorpresi dalla sua intuizione geniale dell’artista.”
Silvia Bastianelli

Mimesi2About Silvia Bastianelli

Silvia Bastianelli is an Italian dancer and choreographer, working principally with the Francesca Selva Company which celebrates its 20-year anniversary in March 2015. Silvia has studied at various acclaimed academies across Europe, trained with a number of professionals such as William Forsythe and has performed for renowned companies based in Germany, France and Italy.
As a young dancer, she has worked with various critically acclaimed choreographers all throughout Europe, including William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor and Frederic Flamand. As a professional dancer, she has performed in Italy, Scotland, France, Japan, Turkey, Albania, Germany and Austria. In 2013, Bastianelli choreographed her first independent work, Anima Leggera, as part of a residency with OPLAS (Centro Regionale Coreografico della Danza in Umbria).

“Intense, poignant and without veils. The extraordinary performance of dancer Silvia Bastianelli is convincing and moving…”
Oppio by Francesca Selva – La Gazzetta del Serchio, March 2015.



November 2014 to January 2015

Research and Development / Ricerca e sviluppo
Novamusica, Città di Castello, PG, Umbria


February 2015

Residency / Residenza
In association with Laboratori Permanenti
In associazione con Laboratori Permanenti
Teatro della Misericordia, Sansepolcro, AR, Toscana

6 February 2015

Television Interview / Intervista televisiva
“Terra Valtiberina” with Michele Foni
On air February 11, 2015

 Mimesi Prova Aperta Locandina 3

1 March 2015 18:00

Open Rehearsal
In association with Laboratori Permanenti
In associazione con Laboratori Permanenti
Teatro della Misericordia, Sansepolcro, AR, Toscana

March – April

Research and Development Continues / Ricerca e sviluppo in continua
Novamusica, Città di Castello, PG, Umbria

March 11: Silvia Bastianelli – Video interview for ‘C’era una volta al borgo’
In onda Maggio 2015


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